Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Lovely Bunch of Crafters

It's been a busy couple of week. I'm trying to make my "To Do List" a "Done List." I've been working at my pays-the-bills-job, working at my part-time-extra-cash-job and I started an Etsy Shop page selling handcrafted jewelry (more plugs for that later *wink wink*).

During what I like to call these kinds of "Grown Up Days" and "Grown Up Weeks" I find my fun crafting gets pushed to the side. Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to start sewing a dress, I really do need to do my regular laundry. Explaining that I'm wearing half sewn dress at work because I didn't do laundry is not on my "To Do List," as it turns out.

Weeks like this I try to be satisfied with "crafting" via making breakfast with leftovers, finding low Weight Watcher point snacks and finally organizing a pile of papers. Ok, so I'll organize the papers tomorrow, but my omelet (bacon, onion, green peppers and egg whites) this morning was lovely. Oh, and slicing a banana and sprinkling it with cinnamon and a little honey is also delicious and low in WW points.

I found that banana recipe on Pinterest. I find a lot of ideas on Pinterest. However, I do remember a time long, long ago (in Internet terms) when the almighty Pinterest didn't exist. Yes, some six to nine months ago, it's true, Pinterest wasn't a big deal. Where, oh where did crafters go to find tips, tricks and how-tos before Pinterest? I'll tell you!

These are my favorite crafting sites: 

Cut Out and Keep
This is my favorite source for project directions & ideas. It's an easy site to navigate and they have a nifty blog as well as a well produced online magazine.

I go to this site to get lost in ideas. I think, sometimes as a crafter that's just what you need. I might go there looking for a cookie recipe and walk away from the computer an hour later wishing I had the equipment and space to build a kayak. Yes, you can find both on there, the cookie recipe, the directions to build a kayak and everything in between.

All Recipes
If you are into cooking at all you've probably been to this site. It has a fantastic selection of recipes and it's easy to search. I recommend going through the comments on a recipe before you try it. People will often give good tips, substitutions and recommendations after they have tried it. 

Dollar Store Crafts
This blog give you a great new perspective on your local dollar store. She's got great projects and tutorials for parties, weddings and children's crafts. Everything is budget friendly and most everything requires basic supplies that you already have. If you're ever looking for a list of rainy day ideas I'd say her entire site is perfect.

Rick Steves' - Graffiti Wall
Rick Steves, known for his guidebooks and TV show about traveling through Europe, has a website that focuses on European travels, his products, books, etc. When looking into a trip a few years back I discovered he has a "Graffiti Wall" on his site. This part features well organized tips from viewers and fans. The focus is European travel, but many of the tips are applicable for any trip. Even if you aren't currently planning a trip, after a long work day it's nice to just see what others are recommending and maybe spur a little inspiration for your next trip. 

I often describe ETSY as "eBay for crafters." It is primarily a site for crafters to sell their goods. For example, you can buy handcrafted jewelry from me at my site Strand Designs (promised I'd plug my shop)! You can also find great vintage clothing, accessories and decor. As a crafter, I love the site for purchasing supplies as well. So, if your short on time to do your own crafting, support fellow crafters and buy something new, neat or nifty. Or order some supplies and hope that your "To Do List" will be a "Done List" by time the supplies arrive in the mail.

Happy crafting folks!

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