Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cross Country Road Trip Day 1

New York to Los Angeles

1. Hiking at Runyon Canyon Park. We took the advanced trail for some amazing views of the skyline. Plus, as a gardener, I loved seeing the flora & fauna of the warm west coast.
2. The warmth & sun... I left NY in three layers, I changed to a bathing suit & tank top!
3. Specialty margaritas, ski ball & carnival rides on Santa Monica Pier.
4. Making this an official coast to coast trip by dipping our toes in the Pacific Ocean.

Reality check:
Everything you hear about LA traffic... It's true.

Soundtrack for the day:
1. Hotel California by The Eagles
2. California Sun by The Rivieras
3. California Bound by Carolina Liar
4. California Dreamn' by The Mamas & Tha Papas
5. New York To California by Mat Kearney

Better pics from my camera to be added later... But for now...

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