Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cross Country Road Trip Day 5

Denver, Colorado to Kanas City, Missouri

For those of you who haven't examined a map of the US lately, Colorado is separated from Missouri by Kansas. One state, sounds easy... It's not. It's long, flat & boring. Based on the billboards along the road I can tell you that the only things to do are sleep at any number of road side motels, loose an hour if your traveling east & go to the "2nd friendliest" yarn store. Of those we made a run for the border and lost an hour of time... That's it. Luckily we found salvation in Missouri.

1. Staying with some friends in Missouri.
2. Gate's BBQ in Kansas City!
3. 75 MPH speed limit.
4. Starbucks at the rest area.
5. Leaving Kansas.

Reality check: Michelle & I will now refer to long work days as "Kansas Days."

1. International Harvester by Craig Morgan
2. Jimmy Olsen's Blues by The Spin Doctors
3. Rain Is A Good Thing by Luke Bryan
4. Save Me by Remy Zero
5. Something Good This Way Comes

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