Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cross Country Road Trip Days 7 & 8

St. Louis, Missouri to Baltimore, Maryland

After spending extra time in St. Louis & in an effort to gain some extra time in Baltimore we pulled another all nighter. There are pros & cons to this plan. On the downside fun side stops and sights are closed. On the bonus the roads are often clear. If you're attempting such a trip I recommend working within your personal limits. Here we have two people who work overnight shifts and are often wide awake in the middle of the night, so we used that to our advantage.

1. Going out to dinner & shopping in Inner Harbor in Baltimore. We scoped out the sights, took it easy & made plans for the next day.
2. We stopped in Indianapolis for Sushi. My travel mate was in the mood for sushi so we put Yelp to the test & found a winner.
3. Relaxing once we got to our final destination. My friend's new apartment was ready & waiting. After an overnight drive a shower, a nap & painting out nails put us on the right foot before going out.
4. Healthier options at chain restaurants. I try not to splurge calorie wise on every meal. Surprisingly Cheesecake Factory had some lighter options that tasted great.
5. Sleep. A good nights sleep helps reset for the next days activities.

Reality check: Overnight drives don't eliminate your need for sleep, they just help you get to a specific sleep destination.

1. Black Water by the Doobie Brothers
2. Oh Hey by the Lumineers
3. Drops of Jupiter by Train
4. Daylight by Maroon 5
5. Good Morning Baltimore from the Hairspray Soundtrack

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