Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cross Country Road Trip Day 6

Kansas City, Missouri to St. Louis, Missouri

1. Feeding the fish at the marina at Longview Lake in Lee's Summit with my friends from the area.
2. Getting to St. Louis early enough to enjoy the evening. I particularly liked the Drury Hotel we stayed at. It was a 15 minute walk from both the stadium & the Arch. Plus they have a free happy hour & breakfast.
3. Going to a baseball game at Busch Stadium! Beer, cotton candy
4. Roadside stop at Nostalgiaville, USA... It's a great kitschy little shop & it breaks up the monotony of the usual stops.
5. Grabbing drinks after the baseball game at The Outfield bar. Great drinks, atmosphere, city view & music.

Reality check: We originally planned on only stopping for lunch in St. Louis. The game changed our minds... And breaking up really long driving days with fun days makes for a great pace. Flexibility makes a trip like this work.

1. Drive by Incubus
2. Starlight by Muse
3. Steady As She Goes by the Raconteurs
4. When I Come Around by Green Day
5. Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol

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