Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cross Country Road Trip Days 9 & 10

Baltimore, Maryland to Long Island, New York

Day 9: Fun in Baltimore
Day 10: Go home

1. Maryland Crab Cakes from Jerry D's Seafood. It's a local place, far away from the tourist traps. It's awesome. Go there, thank me later.
2. A trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. They have some great exhibits & a fun dolphin show.
3. Food, particularly desserts from Vaccaro's Pasticeria. Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of my dessert because we took it to go. But it was AMAZING. This is one of the few places in Baltimore's Little Italy that keeps late hours (from a New Yorker's perspective) so it does get crowded, but it's worth it. The Mufalato, marinated artichokes & lemon drop martini I had was great too!
4. Charm City Cupcakes in Inner Harbor. Maybe you've noticed a theme, but I was basically taking a food tour of Baltimore . Drinks, shrimp & a funny wait staff at Dick's Last Resort was fun too.
5. Last bit of hang out time with my friend Michelle, who invited me on this once I. A lifetime trip... And some last quality time with her adorable cat & dog.

Reality check: After seeing so much variety, so many colorful people & having such a great time I've confirmed / learned that I am an East Coast gal 100%, I miss having pets, I drive better in cities than I ever gave myself credit for & I really want my own house. That last bit may sound weird, but seeing so much gives one a great appreciation for home.

1. A Brighter Day by The Doobie Brothers
2. What's The Rumpus? By Gaelic Storm
3. Where I Sleep by Emeli Sande
4. Comin' Home by Lynyrd Skynyrd
5. The Once And Future Carpenter by The Avett Brothers

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